pinzat bike

Bici, bike, vélo, Fahrrad, bizikleta, fiets, velosipied…doesn’t matter how you name it

but for sure when you think of it a smile starts to draw in your face because of the freedom that the bicycle recalls. Let’s face it: it is the best way to move, not only as a city transport but for travel or practice sports too.


In our more every day polluted world, the fact to chose the bike over the other transports brings to the rider a little sense of heroism, the contribution to a greater good. At the same time, Barcelona has the perfect size and shape for the biker community. Of course, we are on our way to improve our position among all the urban actors.

We love to ride and we love our bikes…so we are constantly thinking in new accessories for all of us, always with the distinctive touch of Pinza’t. Some of us ride on fixed bikes, others on free gear, bmx, the newest models, classic brands, even prototypes.


We have started with the production of pedal straps and bike polo complements and until today our bike offer is being expanded with bike protectors, u-lock carries, hip-pouches, a complete line for messegers and the icing on the cake: the painted seats!


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