Pinzat Materials

We like toughness so that is why we have chosen strong and durable materials

to elaborate our products and assure long life to our creations. All materials according to the km0 philosophy.The entire process of making our products is our responsability. From picking up the materials to selling them as a bag, all is made by us: the design of the products, the confection, the art itself

  • TRUCK CANVAS: We recycle the leftovers of this 3 combined layers of PVC used on truck covers. This material is originally designed to proctect the cargo from the worst climate conditions, so why don’t protect your belongins with the same safety standards? Truck canvas is waterproof and very resistant.


  •  SEAT BELTS: We recycle the seatbelts that don’t pass the EU security test for cars: they won’t protect you in a car crash but they will be pleased to help you carring your stuff. We use them to reinforce all the bag perimeter and as a main strap. You know, the wider it is, the confortable it gets.


  •  BUCKLES: Yes, we like to play and have fun…and you? Do you feel in the mood of click? All our buckles come from old cars, so there is plenty of models!


  • CORDURA & BALLISTIC: To our most technic designs such as backpacks, messengers and pedal straps, we prefer combine the truck canvas with those materials for its indestructibleness. Cordura is well known among the backpack makers. It is totally waterproof and tough. One step beyond: the ballistic which is cordura with Keblar wire. Just mention that ballistic is one of the layers used in the bulletproof vests.


  • YKK ZIPPERS: We trust in the long career of this brand, and as we dont’ like when new things break rapiddly we prefer to use Ikk. For backpacks and hip pouchs, we use the thermosealed zipper model so this products are completely waterproof.