• Size: 37L x 25H x 14W
  • Recycled P.V.C front
  • Hand Painted (not printed) Unique Piece
  • Hand Crafted in Barcelona by Pinzat
  • Cordura  waterproof and light
  • Recycled Buckle Car
  • Bicycle System Strap
  • 2 Inside Pockets & Waterproof  Zipped Back Pocket
  • 1 Frontal Pocket Waterproof Zipped
  • 6 frontal pockets (1 u-lock, 1 pen, 1 zipped, key strap)
  • NFC Technology

Models available in this size here






We like toughness which is why we have chosen strong and durable materials to elaborate our products and assure our creations last for a long time.

hand painted: Our waterproof ink is the result of two years of research. It is long lasting, washable and doesn’t fade away. We want our art to last, all our bags are one-of-a kind directly painted on the canvas by 35 artists.

cordura and ballistic: For our technical line,backpacks, messengers bags and pedal straps, we prefer to combine the truck canvas with those materials for its indestructibleness. Cordura is well known among the backpack makers. It is totally waterproof and tough. One step beyond: the ballistic which is cordura with Keblar wire. Just mention that ballistic is one of the layers used in the bulletproof vests.

truck canvas: We recycle the leftovers of the 3 combined layers of PVC used on truck covers.

seat belts: We recycle the seatbelts that don’t pass the EU security test for cars.

buckles: Yes, we like to play and have fun…and you? Do you feel like clicking? All our buckles come from old cars, so there are plenty of different models.

ykk zippers: We trust in the long standing reputation of this brand, and as we don’t like it when new things break suddenly we prefer to use Ykk.

bike system: The bike strap provides you comfort and equilibrates the total weight. Adjuste it to your waist or to the handlebar bike.

nfc: (near field communication technology) Found under the label. Easily programmable by you for your own enjoyment.